etereauty facial brush waterproof body facial cleansing brush with 5 brush heads for exfoliating removing blackhead

>> Buy ETEREAUTY Facial Brush Waterproof Body Facial Cleansing Brush with 5 Brush Heads for Exfoliating Removing Blackhead<<

A COMPLETE FACE AND BODY CLEANSING SYSTEM. A waterproof two-speed motor unit and five different attachments give you the full range of cleansing, from a gentle wash to vigorous deep-cleaning, experience exfoliation 7x better for visibly brighter, more even skin tone. Suitable for all skin types. Requires four AA batteries (not included).

ETEREAUTY Facial Brush Waterproof Body Facial Cleansing Brush with 5 Brush Heads for Exfoliating Removing Blackhead

With the ETEREAUTY face and body cleansing system, you can give yourself a full spa-quality skin-cleaning treatment any time you want.
It comes with a range of attachments for different types of cleansing, from a gentle wash to deep-cleaning and exfoliation.
You can use all of your favorite facial-cleansing products with the system, and a large body-wash brush is included
that you can use in the shower with a shower gel or other body-wash product.

Five attachments:
1. Makeup sponge for removing makeup and gentle surface cleansing.
2. Small short-bristle brush for gentle, thorough cleansing of pores.
3. Small long-bristle brush for more intense cleansing and mild exfoliating.
4. Pumice pad for gently removing calluses from elbows and feet.
5. Large brush for body, hands and feet.

Note:we assure each package with five attachments, if you just find two attachments, don't worry about it, we have three attachments under package box, please check the product package carefully.

Using your ETEREAUTY cleansing system on your face:
First, rinse your face with plenty of water and leave the skin wet.
Next, apply a little of your usual facial cleanser or gel, turn the brush on and start to move it gently over the entire face in circular movements.
Moving the brush in small circles with light pressure, start with the cheeks, then move to the nose, the chin and, lastly, the forehead.
Keep the brush on each area of the face for a few seconds to make sure the accumulated oil and dirt gets cleaned away.

Once finished, rinse the face with plenty of water again and pat dry with a soft, clean towel.

It is advisable to change the head approximately every 3 months.

A usage manual with different languages is included.

Note:Requires four AA batteries (not included).

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